WHY: Unhappiness isn’t caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It can’t be fixed with a glass of chardonnay, drugs or a holiday in Corfu. It won’t go away if you ignore it. We can show you how to sort it out so that you find out exactly what it is that is stopping you from being really happy and then help you to fix it.

HOW: We start with a confidential 2-hour interview and consultation where we will really listen to your personal story. Then we help you to put more order into your situation. We teach you how to turns things around step by step. If a person, or a problem is overwhelming you, we know what needs to be done. You will learn how to ensure it never happens to you again. One appt may be all you need, but you will receive a personal program to do at home with your free gift – your own happiness guidebook. Take your first step to a brand new life! You can come back as often as you need.

WHEN: Phone today to book your confidential 2-hour “Interview and consultation”.

FEES: “Interview & consultation” £100.00. We accept cash, cheques and major credit cards.

Phone: 01333 730 020, contact@wendyhonnor.com

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