Actinic offers a range of award-winning ecommerce packages combining ease of use, flexibility and security with all the features needed to build, maintain and manage a successful online store.

From a low cost, 'pay-as-you-go' shopping cart application, to advanced ecommerce solutions for high-volume multi-channel businesses The right package for you, with the features you need, at an affordable price.

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Actinic Catalog
Actinic Catalog
Actinic Catalog® provides ease of use, flexibility and a comprehensive range of features in a value for money ecommerce package. It includes everything a small business needs to design, build and manage a secure and powerful ecommerce store. Backed up by a range of support and service options and a ready-made upgrade path to more advanced functionality, Actinic Catalog provides a platform to build a successful online store.
RRP 399 

Online Discount Price:   £359.10
(Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)


Features in Detail
Flexible Product Catalogue
Asterisk * indicates features incremental to Actinic Express
  • Support for up to 20,000 products with product images
  • Create unlimited number of product sections and subsections
  • Define unlimited product variations such as size and colour
  • Optionally assign different prices to different product variants
  • Add additional text or images in a supplementary page, or a pop-up window *
  • Specify shipping weights for each product
  • Set up different shipping zones with different tariffs
  • Add shopper definable fields for personalised products
  • Export product and section data
  • Import product and section data *
  • Explorer-style 'drag and drop' style interface to access product items quickly and easily *
  • Multiple page layout options, including product list with single 'add to cart' button *
  • Create links to external files or urls *
  • Show product choices as radio buttons, drop downs or button grids *
  • Define additional components for each product *
  • Use one product as a component of another *
  • Support for downloadable products such as mp3 music *
Customisable Store Design and Layout
  • Design Wizard to help you choose your site layout, buttons and colour scheme
  • Wizards to help you set up your store; configure Actinic for your web space; and set up product options.
  • Real-time preview of your store as you build it *
  • Full site customisation using an intuitive 'point and click' interface *
  • Multiple preview modes provide easy navigation and instant access to any part of your store *
  • Select from a range of pre-designed themes or mix and match elements to create a unique design *
  • Complete flexibility to edit of site colour scheme, product/section layout and variables *
  • Library of design snippets to be used in creating a design *
  • Create additional content and information pages - build a complete web site *
  • Word-style toolbar for changing fonts and text styles *
  • Easy to use 'point and click' HTML code editor *
  • Create conditions for specific content to appear on the web site *
  • Integrates with Macromedia Dreamweaver enabling design to take place in Dreamweaver *
Comprehensive Store Management Functionality
  • Built-in order-processing module processes orders from receipt to shipment
  • Accurately calculates shipping, handling and taxation costs
  • Product prices can be both entered and displayed exclusive or inclusive of tax
  • Display prices in two currencies simultaneously, using a fixed exchange rate
  • Full range of payment options for online orders, including support for Actinic Payments and PayPal
  • Supports Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for displaying the 'Golden Padlock'
  • Includes Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate displaying the 'Golden Padlock'
  • Print invoices
  • Print packing lists and address labels *
  • Handles both online and offline orders *
  • One click order processing to allow fast processing of orders, with user-definable actions *
  • Edit order details *
  • Monitors stock levels during order processing, with alerts for low stock levels *
  • Associate actions and dates with orders *
  • Create and view sales reports such as fastest selling items and best customers *
  • Generate customer emails with support for unlimited custom email templates *
  • Prompted backup and restore feature *
  • User logon for catalogue management *
  • Import customer account information *
Powerful Marketing Features
  • Generates search-engine-friendly web sites
  • Meta keywords, meta description and title tags are automatically generated
  • Meta keywords, meta description and title tags can be edited by the user
  • Image alt tags automatically generated from product and section names
  • Create customer accounts to increase shopper loyalty
  • Google Analytics integration provides comprehensive monitoring of site performance and ROI (requires free Google Account)
  • Create Best Sellers list for publication to the web site *
  • Create Related Product lists to encourage additional purchases *
  • Automatically generate a New Products list and publish to web site *
  • Apply discounts based on order value and display in the shopping cart *
  • Generate email lists and mailing lists including mailing labels, envelopes and reports *
Customer Friendly Stores
  • Online shopping cart with industrial strength security
  • Automated site navigation features including menu bar, section list, site map and 'breadcrumb trail'
  • Automatic email confirmation of order
  • Remember me' option for returning visitors.
  • Cart content summary visible on every page
  • Cart contents can be saved for later completion, or as a 'wish list'
  • Fast product search
  • Fully integrated with all the leading online Payment Service Providers *
  • Support for secure offline payment processing *
  • Postcode lookup on the web site for online orders (Postcode Anywhere account required - annual fee applies; exclusive discount available)
Comprehensive Support
  • Free email support
  • 30 days free telephone support
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Actinic Community forums